alexey gorshkov thesis

Thesis advisor. Author. Mikhail D. Lukin. Alexey Vyacheslavovich Gorshkov. Novel Systems and Methods for Quantum Communication,. Quantum Computation, and Quantum Simulation. Abstract. Precise control over quantum systems can enable the realization of fascinating ap- plications such as powerful computers,
Thesis: Novel Systems and Methods for Quantum Communication, Quantum Computation, and Quantum Simulation. Submitted by Alexey Gorshkov on Mon, 01/19/2015 - 22:34
Fishman, Steve Flammia, Alexey Gorshkov, David Gosset, Nick Hunter-Jones,. Joe Iverson, Stacey Jeffery, Stephen Jordan, Isaac Kim, Olivier Landon-Cardinal,. Netanel Lindner, Shaun Maguire, Prabha Mandayam, Spiros Michalakis, Roger. Mong, Evgeny Mozgunov, Leonid Pryadko, Kirill Shtengel, Sujeet Shukla, Kristan.
Alexei Gorshkov, “Instituonalizatsiya men'shinstv v pole publichnoy politiki,” doctoral dissertation, Perm State University, 2009. Maxim Trudolyubov, “Who Runs Russia, Anyway?” The New York Times, November 19, 2009,, accessed June 14, 2016.
and Alexei Kitaev, for their insightful comments that lead to many of the works in this thesis. I also thank other former/current IQIM members, including Steve Flammia, Stephen Jordan, Norbert. Schuch, Sergio Boixo, Salman Beigi, Liang Jiang, Alexey Gorshkov, Glen Evenbly, Zheng-Cheng Gu,. David Poulin, Roger Mong,
... Lukasz Fidkowski, Alexey Gorshkov, Zhengcheng. Gu, Liang Jiang, Stephen Jordan, Robert König, Yi-Kai Liu, Nate Lindner, Spiros Michalakis,. Fernando Pastawski, Norbert Schuch, Stephanie Wehner, and Beni Yoshida. I am grateful for comments from Soonwon Choi and Alex Kubica on drafts of these thesis chapters.
Alexey Gorshkov, Harvard. Abstract. Deep understanding of and precise control over many-body -- that is, large and interacting -- quantum systems can provide fundamental insights into their peculiar and diverse behavior. Such understanding and control can also enable the realization of revolutionary applications such as
This thesis includes a discussion of hacker self-image and motives, the public perception of ... Finally, thank you to Marisa Bowersox for keeping me in line, and also for the perpetual loan of your laptop, on which much of this thesis was written. And for Bella. .... When two Russian hackers, Vasily Gorshkov and Alexei Ivanov,.
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